Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Mouss Diouf has died, the story of a family drama"

This is the story of a man that French viewers have welcomed into their living room for years. After a small role in Navarro, Mouss Diouf becomes popular alongside VĂ©ronique Genest, in Julie Lescaut, from 1992. In 2009, a stroke suddenly throws a dark veil over a love of life enjoyed by all. Since then, his wife, Sandrine, fought daily against a disease that killed Mouss Diouf Saturday morning. He was 47 years old. Story.

2009, the year of drama

Sandrine Diouf: "It was June 24, 2009, Mouss and I dine at the restaurant. He has a headache. It takes two Doliprane and share the toilet with his phone. Time passes, but I'm not worried, because he calls to pass. Suddenly, the facility director comes to me: "I think your husband is not doing well." I rush and found sweating, suffering from vomiting and green color. I immediately think of a decision taken two weeks before and against which I fought: stop his dialysis. I called the center of nephrology who followed in Marseille. They told me not to worry. Firefighters arrived. My husband was still conscious, but I saw that it was still very serious, because his head was constantly behind. Despite that, he took my hand and told me: "Do not worry". Meanwhile, quickly warned, the brother of Mouss arrived with a friend. He told me that it was not serious. I always had his medical records with me. The intensive care unit of Hospital de la Pitie-Salpetriere in Paris, has quickly grasped the situation and led to neurological emergencies. He had an MRI and a CT scan within two hours that followed. Mouss had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. "
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